When September ends (graduation, Cohort 3)

Since we posted Jonathan Friesen’s Student Story, we’ve been gearing up for the third cohort of students for Game Lab. It’s taken quite a lot of effort to get to this point, and finding the right team of students, as we have learned, takes a lot of effort!

This past Thursday night, we paused to give credit to Jonathan for having graduated the program. We’ll be keeping up with him in coming months as he continues work in the field of photonics, his first job out of college, and pursues game programming as a career.

Starting tonight, Game Lab will once again have two classes running at the same time, as Cohort 3 begins! We’re bringing in new instructors, and four new students to form a team and work on a project together.

We’ll have more updates as they come, including the end of the year!

John Henderson