Reblogging, and second cohort

Thanks again to Erin Taylor for enabling this blog feature. I've since updated most of the posts I'd made to the Google+ blog. You can still read all of them as they originally appeared, before.

Bigger news: The second cohort for the Game Design & Development Lab, the job accelerator for video game industry hopefuls seeking their first for-real employment, is scheduled to begin the evening of May 21, 2018.

That means that anyone in the Central Texas area, Austin in particular, with proven skills in programming, art and/or design for video games, but who has yet to land that all-important first job: we want to hear from you. There are lots of places to learn how to "do game dev," but many such places leave a gap between first-time job applicants, and the first job.

That's not meant as a slur against all the degree programs for game development at regional colleges and universities across Texas or Austin. Every student is different, and opportunities for classic internships or apprenticeships are few. 

We aim to change that. Evening courses, so you can hold down a job during the day. Connections with real game studios and real work. Experience from instructors who have done and are doing the work that students aspire to do professionally. Everything that a vocational school in every other field besides game development, is expected to do.

Want to learn more? Click the Contact Us link in purple at the top of this page and let us know about you and your aspirations. If you're in the Austin, Texas area, you can schedule a time to visit the offices and get a tour. If you have any online portfolio material, such as an ArtStation or GitHub, we'd love to have a look!

Please keep in touch.

John Henderson