3rd Cohort in October, CGF, RTX and otherwise

Much has happened in the month since the previous blog post, but hopefully you've been keeping up with us on Facebook, Twitter as well as the home page. Here's some of what's been in the works and coming soon:

  • We're starting a third class of students to start Oct. 1, 2018. Click Contact Us to find out more!
  • We've scheduled the third Portfolio Posse since we announced Game Lab last winter, set for 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018! If you want your resume and/or portfolio reviewed by a game developer, one on one, you have until then to get ready!
  • We're planning to have booths at Classic Game Fest in late July, and Rooster Teeth Expo in early August, for back to back weekends! We'll have signups and giveaways, and you can quiz us about the Game Lab!

Thanks everyone who's been watching us from the start, and please keep in touch!