New year, new Global Game Jam

HOFT Institute’s Game Design & Development Lab, in specific cooperation with the University of Texas at Austin, will be hosting Global Game Jam 2019 in Austin. Sign up here and find out more specific information.

A “game jam,” much like a musical “jam session,” is a chance for creative people to find out what they can do together within a short amount of time. Instead of music, we’re talking about making a prototype for a video game. It’s a great opportunity for people who want to make games as a hobby or professionally, at various skill levels and specialties, to work together for 48 hours.

Game jammers can of course work anywhere they like, and many jammers came to the offices on Friday night to organize and learn the theme of the year’s jam. GGJ also isn’t the only game jam happening for the year, but it’s the one that happens every year, always the final weekend in January. One remarkable benefit of HOFT offices is that jammers may stay as late as they like, even overnight.

Last year, we hosted what ended up as the largest GGJ in Texas, with 121 registered jammers and 17 finished projects. We’re all ready to do it all again, in a short amount of time.

Keep watch here, on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for information about upcoming classes and opportunities!

John Henderson