Thanks, SXSW Gaming

SXSW Gaming was the first major event HOFT Game Lab had attended soon after the program started officially in 2018. This year, so much was different.

  • We didn’t have any giveaways. This was unlike most of the events we’ve been at recently, including at PAX South in January of this year, when we gave away a gift card. We’re still very interested in getting attention and interest, but we’re learning as we go about how best to go about it.

  • We had new products to suggest, and a new section of this site, the Workshops page. We have instructors wanting to teach courses with a bit more specificity, including what we’re probably going to call Game Development for Beginners. We have yet to schedule or even set prices for these yet, but we’ve already got interest following up on it.

  • We had more to say, and were more practiced at it, with more staff who were able to give the most complete pitch.

  • We had fewer people to say it to. Last year, SXSW Gaming was on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This year it was Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That spread out the crowds much more thinly on days when locals with work wait until the weekend. This time, there were two days’ worth of weekend. Furthermore, local schools have only just begun their spring break week this week, so many (probably) started early.

  • A lot more people were aware of us, and we of them. We got to see friends from UT-Austin, ACC, St. Edward’s University and some schools from out of state.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us, and to our friends at SXSW Gaming for putting on a fine show. It remains an asset to Austin and those living here.

John Henderson