Visitors in June


In the past week, we’ve hosted the second of our speaker series on site with Renee Wooten of KingsIsle. We filmed and recorded her speech, which you can watch on Youtube here, now. We’re now gearing up for our third. Our third, set for July 20, will feature Carmen Askerneese of Red Crow, a mobile game division of EA Games, part of its Austin operations.

Carmen and his colleague Lauren Brown came to visit our offices and students last Wednesday. We’d seen them speak together on a panel last February at GDC^2, the mini-conference organized by our friends at EGADS, the game development student club at UT-Austin.

They took questions from our students and staff about their backgrounds, workflow and how neither of them set out early in their careers to work at EA — but now, they like where they are and what they’re doing. Tales as old as time, that somehow get missed or passed over by those seeking more glorious fare — but no, professional game developers are highly creative and technical people enabled by their jobs to do creative and technical work — their work just happens to be making video games.

We’re glad to have relationships with local game development shops like KingsIsle, and EA’s Austin offices, which include BioWare and EA Sports as well as Red Crow. These are the kind of relationships that lead to our graduates making useful contacts within the local industry, for the sake of their all-important first jobs.

Onward and upward!

John Henderson