Is summer over yet?

It’s been a hot one, and the heat has yet to leave us here in Texas. All the schools in our fine college town have begun their fall sessions, and we’re working hard to let everyone know what’s going on around Austin, including what we’re up to.

This weekend, we took part in the UT Game Jam, organized by EGaDS! and two different schools at the University of Texas at Austin. There were 200+ participating jammers, and 23 finished projects by Sunday afternoon when everything wrapped up. You can download and play the finished jam projects here at, minus three that didn’t get uploaded as of this writing.

It’s food for thought, because the past two Global Game Jams that we’ve hosted at HOFT Institute have each had just north of 100 jam participants. We thought that was a lot of people, and it is, for anything that lasts an entire weekend.

Our current Game Lab cohort is working hard on their project, “Airlock,” and we’ll hopefully have something to showcase from it soon. We just met and had a conference with a prospective student today, which we always like to do well in advance of future cohorts. Please reach out via the Contact Us link if you have any questions!

John Henderson