Frequently asked questions

When does the class meet?

First two months: Monday, Wednesday, 6:30-9:30 PM
Next six months: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 6:30-9:30 PM


What is the minimum age to enroll?

Students need to be at least 18 by the time the cohort begins.  We want our graduates to be ready to start working the day the leave our program.

How are classes structured?

Classes are broken into lecture and lab time. Lecture time will familiarize students with important concepts across all tracks, while lab time will allow students to focus on their track specialization (programming, art, or design). During the second part of the course, much emphasis will be placed on creating content for in-production video games and working closely with teacher and industry mentors.

How large will the class size be?

Depending on the current enrollment, each cohort will have around 6 members, while the total class size will be no larger than 24 students total.

You say we will ship a game? Is that true?

Game Design and Development Lab will be partnering with local industry projects to ensure students will work on a commercial product designed to ship via Steam or the App Store. During the program, students will work closely with members of these contracting company to evaluate their work and assess their progress. The exact date of when the product ships is outside of our control, but all student work will be held to industry standards, and students will have an opportunity at the end of the program to show their resume and portfolio to multiple outside developers.

How much is tuition?

Our team will work with you to decide the best payment options for your financial means. Contact us with any of your pricing questions!