HOFT Institute is committed to offering comprehensive curriculum that expands opportunities for our students and gives them the cutting-edge skill set needed in the highly competitive games industry.

We are excited about providing these courses as a supplement to our separate 8-month evening classes that make up the HOFT Institute Game Development and Design Lab.


Game Development


for Beginners

Wanting to learn more about the game industry?

You’ll Discover:

  • Industry disciplines, careers, and the paths to get there

  • Important game development terminology

  • How a project goes from concept (pre-production) to execution

  • Game industry corporate culture and project management concepts

  • An overview of the technology and software used to create games

  • How to apply interactive storytelling techniques to a project

Additional Activities Include:

  • Drafting and communicating game idea pitches

  • Introduction to and the creation of important Game Design Documents

  • Paper/Tabletop Prototyping

Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the lessons.


PRICE: $399.00 - includes 8 Sessions, 2 Hours Each

DATES: May 7 - May 30 [Tuesdays/Thursdays]

TIMES: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

LOCATION: HOFT Institute [2400 Pearl St, Austin, Texas 78705]

WHO: Ages 15 and up (15+)


  • Instructor at the HOFT Game Lab

  • Professor of Media Arts, Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at the Art Institute of Austin

  • Academic Director - Media Arts and Animation, Digital Film and Video Production, Game Art and Design at the Art Institute of Austin