I recommend this course to anyone who’s looking to learn about working in game design!
— Jonathan F


Which game hero are you?  Before you apply, make sure that you choose a track that represents your most dominant skills.  This will help us create balanced teams in our hands-on program.

TRACK | Game Programming 

You've got knowledge in C++ or C#, Java, C, Python, or JavaScript. You may or may not have some experience in programming that relates to game development too (a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 or Unity).  You are looking for real projects and team experience in the game design and development market in order to land a job as a game programmer.

TRACK | Game Design 

You've created in Blueprint or C#, but you may have also created in other systems like modding engines, GameMaker, or CAD. You may have some experience in 3D Studio Max or Maya. You may or may not have some design work in some way relate to game development (e.g. level design, system design, gameplay modes, playable missions, etc). You're ready to dedicate your design skills to the game design industry, and you're looking to kickstart your game design career as a level editor or more.

TRACK | Game Art

You're an artist at heart with the 2D and 3D digital software skills to back it up.  You may love creating characters or environments, animation, rigging, effects and more.  You feel your talent belongs in the game design industry, and you need a clear pathway into your first real game design job as a 3D artist.


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