Our program is hands-on, project-based and intensive.  Our students are doers. 

They are working non-stop to produce assets that will go to market either independently or on the behalf of local studios.  Students have the opportunity to earn income at every stage of the Game Design & Development program through their individual and group efforts.  When a student has a product that is market ready, we showcase it here in our Student Marketplace.  Are you a doer?  Come join our team of hard-working, driven game design and development enthusiasts.  Apply Now



Unity approved the Action Sequencer by Jonathan!  

This package provides scripts and prefabs to allow designers to create simple NavMesh AI within a custom editor. The primary scripts are the Sequencer that follows a list of commands, such as 'go to target' or 'play script', and the Trigger script that fires off a given event for given conditions. There are additional tools that work with these two scripts such as way points and trigger volumes to help design AI behavior. This package also has some scripts to help start out creating a game. These are basic inventory, equipment, character movement, and dialogue importing.


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